Oley and Champaign

During our time in lockdown, Pete and I have been blessed with the company of two adorable companions. They’ve certainly made our extended quarantine much easier to bear!

We adopted Olaf DaVinci and Champaign Le Chat as a pair from a shelter back in 2007. They’ve given us an abundance of love and cuddles ever since. And kept us thoroughly entertained.

Oley is the tabby-striped Maine Coon and Champaign is the yellow domestic longhair.

Here’s the King on his throne.

Or is it the Prince and the pea?

That water in the dish on the floor? Boring …

Our boys love our sunroom. Or maybe I should say their sunroom. Just chillin’.

Good thing there’s a window separating these two and the critter outside …

Helping grade papers is a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.

Champaign will have us know: “It’s not a dulcimer case. It’s a cat bed.”

Boundaries, kitten. Boundaries.

Chasing each other around the house at 3 a.m. while yowling at the top of their furry little lungs can be tiring. The boys need their rest.

The kitties teach us how to live in the moment …

… While keeping us focused on our priorities.

We love them to pieces. That’s for sure.