We Need to Talk

We Need to Talk, my book in progress, examines the polarization ripping apart our society and shares my personal search for an appropriate Christian response.

For an overview of the book, click on the link below:

Time to write that book

This is a work in progress. I will continue to add excerpts as I finish them. For the excerpts I have written so far, click on the links below:

We need to talk

The wide world of anger

Why is everyone so angry?

Little epiphanies

Is it really that bad?

How the culture wars affect us

COVID-19 and the culture wars

How did we get so polarized?

Clarification and some definitions

Are we part of the problem?

Creating God in our own image

Political correctness, tone policing and censorship – oh my!

Is this criticism constructive or abusive?

One small step

Memes worth sharing

Books to help us navigate the culture wars

More resources