About this blog

My current spiritual journey began with a commitment and a bushel basket full of pesky questions.

The commitment: Develop a better understanding of God, so I can fulfill God’s purpose for my life, discern what my values should be, and live accordingly.

Lately – in the middle of the night, during my morning meditation, while taking a walk or sitting in church – I have found myself asking the “big” or “ultimate” questions. What do I actually believe about God and why? What is God’s purpose for my life? What are my values, or what should they be? How do I live my life in a way that is consistent with my beliefs and values?

Several factors have led to this renewed questioning of beliefs I’d previously taken for granted, ranging from my recent retirement and the “time is limited” epiphany that comes with being 60-something, to the increasing divisiveness and polarization in our society, to doubts about some Christian dogma and priorities.

I’ve engaged a spiritual director to help me sort through my basket of pesky questions, challenge all kinds of dogma from the spiritual and religious to the political and ideological, and reorder my beliefs and values as necessary.

This blog documents my journey.


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