Rules of engagement

Given the subject matter, it’s pretty obvious this blog does not shy away from controversial issues. With that in mind, the basic rules of engagement are those of civility.

Disagreement is welcome so long as it is civil, respectful and explained with reasons. Please do not troll or flame. Do not engage in personal attacks such as name-calling, ridicule or character assassination. Treat both me and other commenters with respect. 

Comments may be any length, and longer comments are absolutely acceptable. One of the problems that keeps us from resolving issues appropriately is our modern emphasis on brevity. It is hard to give an issue the depth it deserves when our communication is limited to 15-second sound bites, 140-character tweets and bumper stickers.

Linking to thoughtful articles, blog entries, Web sites or other sources in order to support your ideas is allowed. However, please fact-check these sources for accuracy. And for safety and privacy reasons, please do not include your own or others’ personal information such as home addresses or phone numbers. 

This is a moderated blog. I reserve the right to maintain a civil environment with all the tools at my disposal — mercilessly closing threads, deleting comments, and banning people if needed. Some may call this censorship, tone policing, or overdosing on political correctness. I prefer to call it setting a boundary.

Thank-you for your cooperation.


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