Healthy eating? Piece of cake

One of my priorities — which I reaffirm every New Year’s Day … and the beginning of every Lenten season … and every birthday — is to start adhering to a healthy eating plan.

Alas, since I prefer chocolate-covered peanut butter cookie bars to celery, it is even more challenging for me to adhere to a healthy eating plan than it was for me to quit smoking nearly 20 years ago. 

So I appreciate the abundance of memes that express empathy for my struggle.

I’ve pretty much stopped drinking soda, but I have to admit, I did this for years.

This is my story and I’m sticking to it.

Story of my life.

Note to my sweetie: Don’t even think about it.

Works for me.

They’re right … I’ve never seen this.

What if they figure out a way to make the fries out of cauliflower?

So chocolate is good for you and lettuce will kill you? I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life!

Believe me, I’m tempted. All. The. Time.

If anyone figures out how to do this, they’ll be rich enough to retire within a week.

15 thoughts on “Healthy eating? Piece of cake

  1. Very appropriate! Trying to lose weight myself. Am on a 30 day silent retreat In Colorado . Ignatian Spiritual Exercises. Wondering if Sr Margaret Therese was able to contact you and Pete. She has entered hospice. The cancer has taken over her body. Please hold her in prayer. We were able to say our goodbyes before I left on September 30th. I know she will be with God before I return November 3rd. Thought you would want to know. Last week I asked her if she wanted me to call you. She said she wanted to do that herself. I not sure she did, as her condition deteriorated rapidly after our conversation.

    Marilyn Runkel, O.P.


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