God’s other book: Backyard bouquet

How sweet! This week, when I brought my husband home from a grueling 9-day hospital stay, God greeted us with flowers. In fact, God seemed to have turned our entire yard into one giant bouquet.

As Pete begins a lengthy recovery process, we’ve been able to feast our eyes on (from top to bottom) crabapple blossoms, irises, golden stars, redbud blossoms, lungwort, pink and white dogwood blossoms, mystery flowers (LOL!), tulips, violets, azaleas and … the ever-present dandelions.

What’s even more lovely: The flowers are all perennials, so I didn’t have to do a bit of work to enjoy this lavish display of eye candy.

53 thoughts on “God’s other book: Backyard bouquet

  1. Beautiful flowers! What a treat and help in recovery for your husband. I pray Jesus touches him and brings about quick healing. Thank you for visiting my blog! I’m glad you found something uplifting there.

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  2. What glorious colours in your flowers, beautifully photographed too. We’ve had a wet, cold winter which has played havoc with my spring flowers, even the daffodils have refused to flower sending instead, lots of green leaves (better than nothing, I suppose). Tulip bulbs have rotted in the ground, and my lovely Red Acer which I’ve had for ten years or so, has given up the ghost due to the constant bombardment by the wind. I’ve had snowdrops and bluebells, muscari and a few croci but the BIG colour is nowhere to be seen.

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  3. How wonderful that your perennials are blooming for you just when you’ll be most taken up with caring for your beloved. And how fortunate I know he must feel right now, to have both you and they! May recovery be swift and sweet… 🙏

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  5. We love perennials at our house too. I’m sorry for the hospital stay but glad you’re home. Speaking love, hope and comfort over you and your family. (I really did just pray- not just saying it to say it).

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  6. Dear Debi and Pete,

    What a glorious array of spring flowering plants you have that you can enjoy just by looking! WOW! I’ve never seen anything like your yard bouquet of perennials!

    Know that my loving supportive prayers continue to be with both of you. And really our whole community of Springfield OP’s! I can’t even imagine what you are going through medically and emotionally, but I’m grateful you share with us what you can!

    Peace in the midst of all,
    Sr. Bernice

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