Memes to share: Bad puns

My sweet hubby has been pretty miserable this past week while recovering from surgery, and he’s solicited prayers, healing wishes, good vibes and bad puns from friends and relatives.

I’ve already been sending up lots of prayers, but the bad puns also cheer him up and he’s got lots of friends and relatives happy to oblige. So I decided to help in the effort.

As they say, laughter is the best medicine …

It’s a Dickens of a thyme to feel sick, with all the gorgeous weather outside, and I’m missing my walking companion, so I hope this helps!

Meanwhile, continued prayers from everyone are appreciated.

34 thoughts on “Memes to share: Bad puns

  1. Oh. This was too funny Debi! And as always, continued prayers for an amazing guy and the woman who loves him waiting patiently (maybe impatiently at times) for answers and him to heal! Love you Debi! 😘

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  2. They say (whoever ‘they’ are) that the better a joke, the louder and longer one laughs; the better the pun, the louder and longer one groans.
    Hard to imagine these being good for one’s healthβ—πŸ˜ I will probably quit groaning in a day or two! Prayers for hubby, too. Deep thought for one who is ill: Just tell him to get well, and if it gets too boring, he can quit, but then he won’t finish well. 😁 ❀️&πŸ™, c.a.

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  3. Prayers for sure for Pete! I am so sorry he is having a tough time. I hope he enjoyed the puns as much as I did! And thank you, Debi, for giving us an update on Pete and for sharing your puns! I needed a chuckle today! Blessings abound and you both are a blessing to so many of us. Bernice

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