Cleaning house

When I review my priorities each year on my birthday, one lofty goal remains the same: Maintain our home as a sanctuary for ourselves, our family and our friends.

On each birthday, I promise this will be the year I finally sort through all the accumulated STUFF in our house, recycle or give away anything we don’t need, and find a place for whatever we decide to keep. And get some more pictures up on the walls.

Alas! The goal of a spotlessly clean house with a place for everything and everything in its place, even in the garage and basement, continues to elude me. So I especially love the abundance of housekeeping memes that remind me I’m not alone in my never-ending struggle.

I mean, this seems like a perfectly reasonable question:

This is my story and I’m sticking to it.

Love our cleaning ladies! Can’t wait to get them back once this crazy pandemic is over.

Ah yes! I’ll plead guilty and Pete likes to tease me about it.

I do have to make sure my sweetie Petey sees this one.

Happens to Pete and I every time …

Before I retired, a clean house was also a sign I had a looming project deadline that triggered my procrastination tendencies even worse than housework.

No truer words ever spoken.

I yearn for the magic dustpan that actually does its job.

But, of course, what we really need is some perspective!

24 thoughts on “Cleaning house

  1. Awe these are good!! Love some good humor!! I used to be such a control freak about how the cleaning was done that I wouldn’t let my kids help for the longest time … thank God I’ve surrendered that area in the past few years!!!

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  2. I’m a little OCD and love a clean house. But I hate to dust. And I love my Roomba. I also am a bit (okay okay, a lot) obsessive about stuff. I don’t like to have stuff around. Any donation center will eventually learn my name, “Hi Cecilia, I see you’ve been downsizing again.” Seriously, I have had people who know I do this and they will give me stuff so I can donate it because they can’t. LOL! I never say “no,” I always take their stuff. We are in a small house, which is perfect for us, but it is short on storage. Therefore, I have to use the closets which makes me crazy and eventually, I’ll find myself loading up things in the car and making my way to the donation center. So far? No regrets. Sooooo, maybe it’s not YOU with the sickness…, just sayin’…..🙃

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