Some comic relief

While I’m definitely taking the COVID-19 pandemic seriously — my husband and I are both considered high risk — I must admit I find it hard to resist a judicious bit of gallows humor in times like these.

Fortunately, my fellow travelers have been generating a wealth of memes to keep me chuckling and groaning while I spend way too much of my newly acquired free time on social media sites.

Here’s a baker’s dozen of my favorites so far, plus a final piece of good advice:

My fellow writers will surely relate to this one:

If we can’t find toilet paper, at least we have plenty of toilet paper memes.

What a guy …

If our pets could speak our language, I’m sure they would have words of wisdom to offer us.

The kind of people I hang out with send me stuff like this all the time:

I know the next one isn’t humor, but I love it and had to include it anyway. If only …

And finally … turns out the recommended amount of time needed to wash one’s hands thoroughly is roughly equivalent to the amount of time needed to recite the Lord’s Prayer.

17 thoughts on “Some comic relief

  1. Love it! Thanks for sharing these. I especially like the last one. 🙂
    You’ve encouraged me to share a song I wrote during the Y2K crisis. I was hesitant to share it for fear that people would jump down my throat for making light of the present situation, but you’re right, if we don’t laugh we’ll go crazy.
    (stand by…)

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  2. Thanks. I am out of the social media loop so these were all new to me. Our Friar did pass on a good one. He was fed up with “Christian” reasons for the pandemic. But he was tickled by the post that “God was so irked with us He sent us all to our rooms.”

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