Cute Animals

A collection of my favorite cute animal photos. 

My sweet kitties, Olav da Vinci (Oley for short) and Champagne Le Chat. 

Oley and Champaign2

A certain furry Someone in our household has demonstrated just how to relax. (Note the little patch of sun he’s basking in.)


Oley Cat keeps me focused on my priorities.

Oley on computer1

This cute kitty followed me around one day while I was photographing fall leaves, so of course I had to take a picture of her too.

New Salem kitty

One of my furry backyard friends helps himself to food I’ve put out to entice cardinals and goldfinches. Of course he didn’t get the memo that this is bird food.


Visitors to my favorite park constantly feed bread crumbs to the ducks and geese, which means some are tame enough to let me snap up-close photos.

12 Goose 2a


11 Ducks 2a

11 Ducks 1a

This guy walked right up to me while I was photographing him.

12 Goose 1a




















































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